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Re: programable buttons

> --- Blu <blu@chilesat.net> wrote:
> > Trevor Reed wrote:
> > > I have a Compaq Armada 4130T ... X working ...
> > > also not been able to find out anything about the programmable buttons. 
> > 
> > Hello,
> > About the programmable buttons, they are just like regular keys. There
> > is a little program which shows you the codes ...
> > Blu.
> The program is "showkeys". As for making it a macro,
> the only really free-form way I found was binding a
> key to Keyboard_Signal and then defining the action in
> inittab. Unfortunately, this limits to one
> user-defined key. Has anyone else figured out a better
> way to do this stuff?

Look for howto's about swapping capslock and control, then expand the
descriptions to meet your own uses.

Once you know a key's codes it should be possible to assign it features in
xmodmap.  (In fact that used to be about all you could do with it; most
people didn't know about keyboard_signal.)  Quite common to set them to 
fill up the rest of the bank of allowed shifting flavors, then create
macros on combinations with those.  For example abandon Alt-foo to the
app author's delusions of "intuitive user interface" and put anything of
your own on the custom ones, abusing one of the meta's usually set aside 
for toggling to kanji or some other wacky character set (assuming, that
your laptop has no need for a wacky character set :-)

It could be interesting to feel like you've moved the numlock key by 
remapping it into one of these, should you like their placement better.

* Heather

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