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Re: 3COM 3c575 pcmcia ethernet adapter

Christian DeKonink skrev:
> Has anybody gotten this to work?
> With the drivers from dell?
> Is there any write up on how to install them?

I've got it to work, although it's quite unstable. It's only a week since
I got it, so I haven't gotten around with digging into it yet. At first I
had some problems finding it at all. But after setting the pcmcia to
cardbus in my Bios, i've managed to get it up and running.

Now and then it freezes completely on me, and the only way to get out is
to hard-reset my toshiba satellite. It's also detected as a 5.5V card on
boot, so I can't put it in until all drivers and modules are loaded.
If I eject the card, the kernel core-dumps and freezes. 

Now i'm using the 2.3.42-kernel with the 'frozen'-pcmcia-cs-package
and pump for setting up dhcp. I got to compile the pcmcia-modules into the
kernel, as I get some errors with the ds-module.

I also got it to work running previous 2.2.* kernels with pcmcia-cs.
The 3c575_cs-module has been a part of the pcmcia-cs for some time(?).

AAs long as I'm carefull I get a couple of days worth of uptime :-)

Which drivers from Dell are you mentioning?

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