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Re: IBM Thinkpad 560X

I tried the "frozen" boot floppy set (2.2.5) last weekend on a 
TP760ED and had no problems related to the laptop.  The install 
itself had problems as it couldn't configure the network.  So I 
decided to install the Slink base and do apt-get dist-upgrade
from there.  While on the FTP site I saw a new version of the
Slink boot floppy set (2.1.12) dated 9 December 1999.  I tried
the rescue.bin image and it too worked flawlessly.  So if you
install Slink on a TP, I suggest the 2.1.12 (current) boot 

- Nate >>

P.S. I am happily experiencing the unpredictabilities of "frozen
potato."  :)


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