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Re: BUG?! no pcmcia ethernet on battery power

On Thu, Feb 03, 2000 at 03:15:03PM +0900, sen_ml@eccosys.com wrote:
> i also have had a problem w/ cards being recognized as "anonymous
> memory".
> in one case, i modified one of the pcmcia bios settings and the problem
> went away.  this was for a toshiba laptop.

I should try that.  Do we have a utility yet for fiddling with the Toshiba
bios?  toshutils doesn't seem to cover that.  I guess I'll have to get in
there on reboot...

...you're right!  The PCCard option in the bios had been set to
"auto-select", choosing between "PCIC compatible" and "Cardbus/16bit".  If I
set the option to "PCIC compatible", card reinsert works  fine under battery

I guess that means there's some problem with the cardbus code in pcmcia-cs
under battery power, so I should problem submit a report about that.  Lucky
for me my card is pcmcia, not cardbus, so I can tolerate turning off cardbus
support in the bios.

> there's also section 3.5 of the pcmcia howto concerning anonymous memory
> cards, but i presume you've looked there already.

They had a couple of tips there, about narrowing the memory range or
fiddling with the timing, but none of it helped.  Either you need greater
expertise to get just the right sort of fiddling, or those tips only apply
if you're *always* getting the "anonymous memory" problem, rather than only
with battery power on reinsert.


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