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Re: [Re: Lucent winmodem on Debian?]

maw wrote:
> With Debian, I couldn't load the module with the modconf tool.  But it loaded
> just fine when I did it by hand.  I can't remember the command off the top of
> my head, but it's in the ltinst script that comes with the module.

thanks.  I tried using the script, as well as reading it through.  Same

I also compiled the kernel myself, and ran 'make modules' and 'make
modules'.  Same results.

This laptop uses the Lucent Mars chip.  This means it is PCI (although I
will check some more).

Please let me know if you have any other thoughts.  Perhaps I should go
to a 2.2.13 kernel, so it won't care about the '-20' aspect?


> The Lucent driver refuses to load on my machine.  I have acquired the
> 2.2.12 kernel, compiled and booted on it, and the Lucent driver refuses
> to load on my machine.  Other than switching to Debian (I probably will
> in the future, as it seems guaranteed to remain GPL, Open Source, etc.,
> but I have good reasons not to tackle that yet), can anyone offer a
> suggestion?
> Thanks in advance.
> The machine:
> Toshiba Tecra 780CDM
> The message I get:
> root@ganesha:/usr/src/linux > insmod -f
> /lib/modules/2.2.12/misc/ltmodem.o
> Warning: kernel-module version mismatch
>         /lib/modules/2.2.12/misc/ltmodem.o was compiled for kernel
> version 2.2.12-20
>         while this kernel is version 2.2.12
> /lib/modules/2.2.12/misc/ltmodem.o: init_module: Device or resource busy
> during boot, I receive (something like) this:
> insmod char-major-62 failed

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