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Re: Sound on Toshiba

Doesn't look like it is being used by anything else.  Shall I post any

Matt Swasey
World Data Network

On 4 Jan 2000, Germano Leichsenring wrote:

> try '/usr/sbin/lsof /dev/dsp' (it's on package lsof-2.2)
> to check if another program is using it. It might help:)
> >>>>> Matt Swasey <mswasey@mail.wdn.net> writes:
> Matt> Here's one for you guys (and girls): I am running kernel 2.2.12
> Matt> on a Toshiba Satellite 2545XCDT with a Yamaha OPL card.  I have
> Matt> been able to edit the /etc/modules and /etc/modules.conf with
> Matt> the correct information (I have had it working before in a
> Matt> different installation), and the kernel boots fine, it also says
> Matt> that module sound and midi are loading fine.  I do a cat
> Matt> /dev/sndstat, and all looks good.  I use a mixer to turn up the
> Matt> volume on the card, but when I run mpg123 to play an mp3, I get
> Matt> nothing.  No sound, but no error messages.  I am puzzled, any
> Matt> ideas?
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> Germano Leichsenring
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