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Dell XPi 133 ST

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Hello all.  I recently bought a used laptop of the type listed in the
subject line.  I was able to install Debian via floppies for the base
system and the rest via pcmcia ethernet card and ftp.  However, I
can't get X to work.  First of all, the laptop has an "optical track
ball" which XF86Config doesn't seem to recognize.  I almost got X
started, but it was in 320x240 or some such mode.  I also got the
infamous Errno 111 a few times.

At any rate, according to the dell support pages the machine has a
NeoMagic NMG 2070, 128-bit hardware-accelerated PCI-bus video
controller.  Also it has only 896K of ram.  The listed graphics modes
range from 640x480; 256 - 65536 colors and 800x600; 16 & 256 colors
with horz. refresh rates of 60, 75 & 85.

I installed pretty much the default Debian 2.1 release and have yet
to tinker w/ it.  This is my first try w/ Debian ( use RH, Mandrake
and Suse on other machines ), so I'm not too familiar w/ apt.  I did
cruise the archives and saw something about using apt to get the
latest XFree86 release, but didn't follow it too well.  Will have to
read closer, but any help anyone can give would be greatly


Charles H. Baker
Manager Student Microcomputer Labs
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