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Re: [Debian- on VAIO 505 FX] X problems

On 28-Sep-99 Uwe Nestmann wrote:
>>>>>> "SP" == Sean 'Shaleh' Perry <shaleh@valinux.com> writes:
>>> * sound
> SP> Use the setup as if it were a sb card
> Which of the many sources of documentation should I follow?
> (I have not found a Debian-specific one.)
> Just the Sound-HowTo?
> I have found the ALSA-project pages.  
> Is that what is currently recommended to be used?
> Will it work for the 505 F(X)?

Read the doc in /usr/src/linux/Documentation (or whereever you placed your
kernel source).  It boils down to:

make {menu,x}config
sound as module
sound blaster

insmod soundcore
insmod sound
insmod uart401
modprobe opl3
insmod sb irq=5 io=0x220 dma=0


Add the needed items to /etc/modutils/alias and off you go

If needed, I can give you my info from the laptop, but reading and learning is
obviously more beneficial to you (-:

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