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[carlton.davis@bell.ca: Linux keep on crashing my labtop] (fwd)

Hey Carlton,

Is the machine crashing while you are using it, or does it become "frozen"
after leaving it unattended for some time?

I have a problem with my laptop's power saving "suspend" feature.  After
being suspended, I sometimes can't wake up the laptop!  I think someone
here mentioned a kernel config parameter ("allow interrupts during APM
BIOS calls" ?) that cures this.  I haven't gotten around to trying it yet,


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I installed Debian 2.1 linux on my IBM Think Pad 770 with a 233MHz
Pentium MMX with 128MB of RAM on a 2GB disk partition. I am running
linux 3.0.36 kernel. The machine is dual bootable: M$ NT (not by choice)
and linux. The problem that I am encountering is that my linux
installation crashes my labtop just about every day since I installed
it. When it crashes everything "freezes"--even the power button. When
this happens the last entry in the syslog contains sometimes, multiple
entries of the following line:
 "Date_and_time my_machine_name -- MARK --"
Has anyone else encounter this phenomon? On my previous job my
workstation was debian 2.1 linux and I administered a number of linux
machines and these machines were very stable: they were up 24hrs/day
pretty much all year round. 

I suspect that the problem is most likely related to my labtop hardware.
Could someone tell
me what I need to do to resolve this annoying problem? Thanks in
Please send a copy of any reply to "carlton.davis@bell.ca".


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