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[Debian- on VAIO 505 FX] X problems

So, after having followed yesterday's advice, I have a
running linux system with kernel 2.2.12 and I have a working
ethernet connection that allowed me to get loads of software
in my Sony Vaio 505.  

Now, however I cannot get X to work properly.  I am using
xserver-neomagic-1.1.0-1-1 as it is supposed to be stable
and to support my Neomagic128XD poperly.

However, after running XF86Setup with:

* Mouse is OK configured
* Keyboard is 101 keys PC (???) no laptop-choice
* Card: I tick Neomagic, SVGA, 2Meg, 
* Monitor: Extended Super VGA (I tried without extension first)
* Mode: I choose 640x480 and 800x600, and 16 bpp (as adviced by others)
* Others: no change

I get a sequence of error messages like
"_X11TransSocketUnixConnect: Can't Connect: errno 111" 
and XF86Setup stops with  message
"Unable to Communicate with Xserver"

What shall I do?  What is missing? 

I have also checked the package maintainer's advice to read
/usr/doc/xserver-neomagic/README.Debian to do 2 changes.
(1) cannot be followed since no file is created
(2) is fulfilled already by the apt-get induced configuration.

I also learned that the Neomagics are SUPPORTED in currently
UNSTABLE versions of Xfree within the Xserver-SVGA, but then
I would have to switch to a rather unstable system with more
than 170 upgrade, as I was told by apt-get :-(

Any help and advice appreciated,
== Uwe ==

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