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Re: debian-laptop homepage? (was Debian-laptop faq)

"Chris" == Chris HOOVER <revoohc@yahoo.com> writes:

Chris> If there is not, does anyone else feel a need for it. 
Chris> I for one would be very interested in helping to
Chris> develop the pages.  I don't have a server on the web
Chris> of my own, but do have some web space available (on
Chris> geocities) that I could allow to be used.

I'd appreciate a web page aimed at setting up debian on a laptop --
there are tons of pages out there, but all for _specific_ laptops.
Having _one_ page with the FAQ that tries to show a debian
installation on laptops will also help laptop owners to figure out
what they're getting themselves into when they decide to install a
Linux system on their beloved machines.

Do you (Chris or Sean) have an estimate on how much disk space this
would need?


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