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Compaq notebook 'sleeps' while booting


I have just installed Debian version 2.1 r3 (Linux
2.0.36) on my Compaq Presario 1635 notebook. Despite
disabling all BIOS power saving features, the notebook
goes into 'sleep' mode while booting Linux.

It mostly happens after the point where I see the
following messages flash past -

mounting local filesystems ....
not mounted anything
[notebook goes into sleep mode at this point]

but not always. Sometimes it happens while these
messages flash past -

Starting base networking daemons : portmap inetd
[notebook goes into sleep mode at this point]

After this happens, I can 'wake up' the notebook by
pressing a key and after a few seconds I see -

hda : irq timeout : status = 0x50 {DriveReady

and the booting process continues. Everything seems to
be OK after this - but I would like to know why it
happens. I have tried constantly pressing a key whilst
booting the system, but it still goes to sleep. I have
Windows98 on the first partition (/dev/hda1) which can
boot correctly. I have a Linux swap (/dev/hda2) and
two Linux partitions (/dev/hda3, /dev/hda4). If I let
the second Linux partition (/dev/hda4) be mounted
automatically while booting, the system will be
totally locked up after 'waking up', not even

I am very new at this, any help would be appreciated.

Debian version 2.1 r3
Linux kernel version 2.0.36
Compaq Presario 1635 (notebook)


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