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Re: IBM Thinkpad or a Toshiba?

On Thu, 9 Sep 1999 sen_ml@eccosys.com wrote:

> depending on the model, if your friend hasn't installed debian before
> (and doesn't have anyone to help him), it might be less than
> straightforward.
> it used to be the case that none of the rescue disks worked w/ some of
> the thinkpads (600, 770), but people have made some that work now:
>   ftp://ftp.icenet.fi/private/fpolacco/debian/
>   http://www.debian.org/~joeyh/boot-floppies/
> i think the former are some images that Fabrizio Polacco
> <fpolacco@debian.org> made (but i don't know for sure), while
> the latter are some experimental images for 2.1r3 (i might be
> wrong about this too).
> i've verified that the latter images work on the 240 and the former on
> 600s and 770s.  the images may very well work on other models as well.
> if the toshiba machines don't work w/ the normal rescue disks, i think
> it is very likely that they may work w/ the tecra disks.

The later thinkpad models (600s, 770s) work just fine with the tecra bootdisks
from the debian distribution. (personal experience :-)


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