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RE: Boot hangs at 'Starting PCMCIA services: modules' on ThinkPad i1476

Hans van den Boogert wrote:

>It is probably the PCMCIA start up script (in /etc/init.d). Try to
>rename it to x-pcmcia. If you can boot then start reading the PCMCIA

That's easier said than done if you can't get at a shell prompt :-)
However, I've found out that booting with a different version of the
kernel skips the pcmcia stuff (because of mismatching versions) and
can start looking for the cause.

PS: I goofed the debian-laptop address on the original message.
    It only went out to debian-user.  Below is the original.

>At 05:24 PM 9/8/99 +0900, Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:  
>> Dear friends,  I've installed a dual-boot system (hamm/that other OS)
>> on a  brand-new ThinkPad i1476 without any trouble, but  the first
>> boot hangs on      Starting PCMCIA services:  modules  I'm suspecting
>> that the built-in Lucent Win  Modem is wrecking havoc, but don't have
>> a clue as to  how to fix this.  I'd appreciate any sug- gestions.
>> BTW, I'll try with slink tomorrow, but am not very optimistic  that
>> that will solve the problem.  Please reply directly as I don't
>> subscribe just yet,   Haven't figured out how to split incoming mail
>> with Outlook Express ... doubt  if I'll ever bother when Debian boots
>> OK.  Thanks in advance,
Olaf Meeuwissen

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