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Bug#1034378: Allow Percentage Formatting in apt


Aşağıdaki iletiyi ve hata kaydını dikkatinize sunarım. Özet olarak, apt içindeki yüzde değerlerinin biçimlendirmesi Türkçeye uygun değil ve bunun henüz çeviriye açık olmadığı diziler var. Geliştirici isteğine istinaden çeviri takımından birisi aşağıdaki hata kaydını yanıtlayıp durumu onaylarsa sevinirim.

Şimdiden teşekkürler.

iPhone’umdan gönderildi

İleti başlangıcı:

Kimden: David Kalnischkies <david@kalnischkies.de>
Tarih: 15 Nisan 2023 15:31:32 GMT+3
Kime: Emir SARI <emir_sari@icloud.com>, 1034378@bugs.debian.org
Konu: Ynt: Bug#1034378: Allow Percentage Formatting in apt


On Thu, Apr 13, 2023 at 11:49:01PM +0300, Emir SARI wrote:
The percentage formatting among different locales can vary. For instance, Turkish uses %100 style formatting, whereas French uses 100 %. There are also other languages that use varying styles like using non-break spaces between the sign and the number and else. However, the percentage values displayed in apt only uses a fixed format, such as 100%.

Can you give example(s) of the messages you refer to?

On the top of my head I can only think of the bottom line while packages
are installed, which reads (in English) "Progress: [ 42%] …" (on a green
background). That message, including the percentage value is already

A few translations have this line translated so far, Turkish among them
which reads as of today:

msgid "Progress: [%3li%%]"
msgstr "Durum: [%3li%%]"

French has it translated, too, but also hasn't touched the %3li%% part.

So you might want to talk it up with the respektive language teams and
last active translation maintainers (see the top of the po files in the
source for the contact information). My own knowledge in either language
(as well as many others) is non-existent.

The other place I can think of is the progress indication shown as the
bottom line while files are downloaded (e.g. indexes in 'update' or debs
pretty much everywhere else).

These "%.0f%%" are indeed not marked for translation, but I am not sure
if it is a good idea as they come without any explanation and show info
pretty densely more or less to the benefit of "something is happening"
rather than "here are all the details you could possibly ask for so you
can refer back to this great knowledge forever".

Never the less I suppose we can put in the work to make them
translatable (currently the formatting is hardcoded in a few places,
that would need to be fixed).
On the other hand, it seems pointless labour to make the string
translatable if a similar translatable string isn't used in this way,
so as a compromise I suggest a deal: I will see to implement it if
a language team/translator asks for it here.

(translation updates are allowed in freeze, the other part would likely
need to wait for trixie through as that likely doesn't sell as release-
critical code change)

Best regards

David Kalnischkies

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