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Completing Debian Installer level 1 for Turkish

Hello fellow Turkish translators,

I'm happy to see some movement in Turkish localization for Turkish
(seeing bug reports here or there, sending updates for some packages).

As the team (at at least some individuals) seems to be active again, I
would like to ask you if you would consider completing Debian
Installer "level 1" translation.

One file is currently incomplete, namely the "sublevel 4" file, with
41 fuzzy and 8 untranslated strings.

Up to now, Mert Dirik was doing a great job in maitnaining these
translations and maybe he can continue doing so. Still, last updates
are dated September 2011 so I need to at least get news..:-)

In case someone is OK to do this update, please try talking first with
Mert. In case you get no answer, I'll be happy to send you the file to

Thank you for your attention.


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