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Do you know someone who can save the Turkish (tr) translation of LXDE?

LXDE is a project dedicated to bring a really lightweight Desktop Environment to the world. One of the missiongs is the translations of the components of the DE. At the moment we support 48 languages but as some of those don't have seen any progress for nearly half a year know we will drop support for them in the near future. If you (or someone you know) can take the challenge to maintain the Turkish translation of LXDE this can be avoided. So?

The definate timeline is not at all determined here but the intent to drop support is discussed in our blog at http://blog.lxde.org and will be formally announced there when time come. The drop can be reversed easy if you find some extra time so don't worry about that.

Any other questions? Try our mailing list (translation@mailinglist.lxde.org) or IRC channel #lxde at irc.oftc.net. Love to hear from you!

(This message is sent to people and groups doing translations according to the web pages of Debian, Fedora project and openSUSE project as well as actual former translators according to our source files. this is not a send list =))

l10n coordinator LXDE

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