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[DICO] schedule

po-debconf -> X-windowing-system çevirisinde

msgid ""
"When using operating system kernels with a particular scheduling strategy, " "it has been widely noted that the X server's performance improves when it is " "run at a higher process priority than the default; a process's priority is " "known as its \"nice\" value. They range from -20 (extremely high priority, "
"or \"not nice\" to other processes) to 19 (extremely low priority).  The "
"default nice value for ordinary processes is 0. -10 is a good default for a " "single-user workstation; 0 is a good default for a machine that has duties "
"other than interacting with the console user (such as a web server)."

gibi bir yerde schedule'a ,"zamanlama" uygunmudur acaba ?

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