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Re: svn hatasi ?

On Sun, 1 Feb 2004 20:32:13 +0200
Recai Oktas <roktas@omu.edu.tr> wrote:

> Sorun sundan kaynaklandi, benim 'svnadmin recover'i calistirmam 
> sonrasinda grup izinleri degisiyor.  (Depolari ben yarattigimdan bana 
> ait gozukuyor.)  Buraya bir 'umask' gerekiyor, bununla sonra 
> ilgilenecegim.  Saniyorum grup yazma hakkini degistirmem problemi 
> hallediyor, ama bu komutu sadece depo sahibi mi isletebilir, onu 
> bilmiyorum.  Yine sorun cikarsa oyle oldugunu anlayacagiz ;-)

Subversion FAQ'dan:
"WARNING: you can seriously corrupt your repository if you run recover
and another process accesses the repository. 

Make absolutely sure you disable all access to the repository before
doing this (by shutting down Apache, removing executable permissions
from 'svn'). Make sure you run this command as the user that owns and
manages the database, and not as root, else it will leave root-owned
files in the db directory which cannot be opened by the non-root user
that manages the database, which is typically either you or your Apache
process. Also be sure to have the correct umask set when you run
recover, since failing to do so will lock out users that are in the
group allowed to access the repository."

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