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Hiya! I'm really searching for boyfriend!

Do You Love the Great Outdoors?Do you enjoy the Outdoors in combination with physical activity, not being afraid to sweat, get a little dirty, or walk through a cobweb?If so . . . . this may be the beginning of a Great Friendship or Match!I am an Active Outdoor Woman desiring to connect with an Active Outdoor Man. If you love to hike, camp, canoe or kayak, ride bicycles, ride motorcycles, or explore new places and things, then we may have something in common. Or perhaps you have other outdoor passions you can share with me: sailing, boating, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, flying, hang gliding, backpacking, or golf. You dislike the AC and fluorescents of indoor boundaries as much as I do! A forcast of rain does not keep me inside and I believe every season of the year offers an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Conversation and emotional connection are important to me and you are a man that likes to share ideas. Like me, you are not a chameleon or
 herder, don't follow the pack, and are happy with your individual place in the world. You live life as a full participant quickly taking the initiative with a "let's do it attitude". I like to travel and enjoy many weeks of get-away time each year. Although you achieve your goals, you are not married to your work but instead live a balanced life also enjoying many active activities and get-away time. I am a believer in the importance of both physical and emotional health and you believe the same. Regular exercise ranks high in your weekly routine.While far from sissy or prissy, I am sexy and feminine, as I bounce down the road in my Teva's and shorts, always enjoying, first and foremost, being a woman. Comfortable in my own skin I have no need for caked on make-up, dyed hair, or fake fingernails. To me the very best things in life are free. Although you are financially responsible, I am more impressed by your kindness and humanity than what material
 things your money will buy. An awesome sunset, mountain range, or ocean coastline and great friends are worth more than anything money can buy.Although I am happy, content, and independent, my life would be enriched sharing wonderful moments with a best friend and companion.And while it would be a bonus if you ride a motorcycle, that is not mandatory as my primary interest is in connecting with an "active" outdoor man.While I enjoy the journey along the way with many peaceful, calm, serene, and relaxing moments, marveling over a fantastic view, awesome wildflower, enchanting clouds, or deer and it's fawn, I have the energy to passionately seize and enjoy each and every day. Do You?

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