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Re: Updating Debian Installer level 1 / sublevel 1 translaations

Quoting Daniel Nylander (po@danielnylander.se):
> mån 2011-09-12 klockan 06:58 +0200 skrev Christian Perrier:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Debian Installer development is currently seeing a low activity. This
> > is perfect time for thinking about an update of translations.
> Hi Christian,
> I have been the main Swedish translator for D-I for the past 5-6 years.
> Now it's time for me to resign all my activities for Debian. I will
> however continue with my GNOME efforts. I will be a father in 2-3 weeks
> time and my already limited sparetime will be more limited.
> Thank you for all your efforts bringing the best translations to Debian.
> Martin Bagge will continue to lead the Swedish Debian l10n team.

Thanks for your commitment all along these years, Daniel. I hope
you'll be able to continue in l10n activities for GNOME and, in
advance, please receive my congratulations for your soon-to-come baby!

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