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debian-installer manual: call to update translations

Hi translators,

since we are reaching the end of development cycle for Stretch, I would like
to ask if you could take the time to update translations for the
debian-installer manual (strictly spoken "installation-guide").
I would be great, if you could spent some time on this.

Some of you, updating the d-i manual regularly, have their translations in
a very good shape, so there is not much work to do for you. 
I have only included you here for completeness.

For other languages, the last translator is no longer active, so I have sent
this mail to the respective debian-l10n-xxx list. Probably someone is interested
to take over the translation? 
Is is for Catalan, Spanish, Finnish, Romanian.

For any questions, feel free to shout on debian-boot :-)

Many thanks

Holger, on behalf of the installer team

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