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Re: Updating Debian Installer level 1 / sublevel 1 translaations

Quoting Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña (jfs@computer.org):

> That's what I'm doing this week. However, please take note that since *a*lot*
> of timezones have been added to the sublevel1 since the previous release
> it will take some time to get it to 100%.

Hmm, that makes a lot of strings but not a dramatically complicated work..:-)

> BTW: Maybe the timezones should be sublevel2 (or 4, even) as not having them
> translated does not typically bother the average user, which will not go
> through all of the world timezones but just have his timezone matching his
> language.

Well, *some* timezones are high priority for each language and that
obviously depends on the language (indeed, on the country, of course)
but I have no system tohandle that, so I decided to keep all timezones
in sublevel 2. Most of them are indeed trivial to translate.

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