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El 18/03/11 16:21, Camaleón escribió:
> Los elementos de listas <li> no necesitan etiqueta de cierre </li> que la 
> componen, es opcional.

Hola Camaleón,

Tienes razón, es HTML 4.01 Strict válido pero si en futuro se quiere
migrar a XHTML 1.0  es mejor ir corrigiéndolo.

El 18/03/11 18:19, Javier Fernandez-Sanguino escribió:
> 2011/3/17 "Jose G. López" <josgalo@gmail.com>:
>> He encontrado muchos errores en el etiquetado de la versión original,
>> párrafos, listas sin cerrar. ¿Debería advertir a la lista debian.wwww?
>> En la versión que adjunto los he corregido.
> Mándamelos a mí y los corrijo en el documento en inglés.
> Saludos
> Javier

Hola Javier,

Adjunto el documento original.

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#use wml::debian::ddp title="DDP Documentation Policy"

This manual is quite outdated and there is an incomplete effort to fix it on the
<a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-doc/";>debian-doc mailing list</a>.
See the current draft of the
<a href="manuals/ddp-policy/ddp-policy">new policy</a>.  
Use of <strong>DocBook XML</strong> instead of <strong>debiandoc-sgml</strong> is 
recommended for all new contributions.</p>

<p>Here is a list of decisions that were made on our mailing list and
approved by the project members and former Documentation Manager (retired),
Susan G. Kleinmann.


  <li>All manuals of the Debian Documentation Project (DDP) will be
  released under DFSG-compliant licenses, most likely GPL.

  <li>We'll use the following directory structure:

  /usr/share/doc/manuals/<var>somemanual</var>.ps.gz (optional)

  <p>WWW server:

  <p>FTP server:

  <p>Please note that this part of the policy hasn't been universally
  accepted yet, so those URIs may not work. The real locations of
  documents may vary for backwards compatibility.


  <li>We will use SGML as the source format for our documents, preferably using
  Docbook XML.

  <p>Note that this does not mean that users have to learn SGML or XML to submit
  changes to our documents. We accept all other formats as well. However,
  they will be translated into SGML by one of members of the group.

  <p>Please note that some older documents maintained by the group are still
  in debiandoc-sgml format. These are being transformed, as time permits,
  into DocBook XML documents. The debiandoc-sgml format is considered obsolete.

  <p><small>The other options were: LaTeX, HTML, Texinfo, and several other
  minor formats.</small>

  <li>We will ease the translator's task by using PO.

  <p>By using the <em>po4a</em> tools we will make sure that translators
  that want to keep track of translations using the PO format are given
  the proper tools to do so.


  <li>Every Debian document will have a single person listed as
  <em>Maintainer</em> and might also have additional people listed as


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