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Re: Debian Reference ES


Now translating URL is also under PO control.

(Folks who are translating DR, please subscribe to debian-doc)

On Sat, Aug 29, 2009 at 05:42:36AM +0200, Noel David Torres Taño wrote:
> Hello Osamu:
> I've seen in the PO file string pieces like <ulink
> url=\"&debian;\">Debian</ulink> that in the processed file look like
> hyperlinks.

New build script will be commited to SVN soon.  If you do not want to
delay translation by having too much fuzzy and untranslated message,
read README.source towards the end on URL.

Please note if English URL is one with automatic language detection,
please do not translate.  Keep it.  Spanish document may be read by
Italian people as easier alternative to English.  If their browser is
set properly, they can be linked to Italian.


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