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Re: Spanish translation

Quoting Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer (perezmeyer@gmail.com):
> Christian: will you please point me to the spanish D-I translation team?
> I may be helpful there.
> Thank you in advance, Lisandro (aka PowerMan)

Javier is the first contact to gt for D-I translations. The team list
is, unsurprisingly, debian-l10n-spanish@lists.debian.org

I suggest you coordinate over there.

Javier just completed the translations for D-I "level 1".

Some other files still need completion (dpkg, apt, aptitude) but these
are not mandatory for the language to be activated in D-I.

Spanish *will* be in D-I....however, I think that, for the long term,
Javier and the team might need more help.

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