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Bits from the l10n robots

The following comes from the crawler robot running on
i18n.debian.net. Some messages show that there are a few inaccurate
information that has been sent for a few translation work. Let me explain:
Please keep me CC'ed to answers.

Spider.pm catalan
Spider.pm Continue catalan from message 2007/6/21
fix date of #430857 of man-db from 2007-06-28 06:46:19 +0000 to 2007-06-27 18:18:08 +0000.
Warning: #413267 filled against newpki-server but newpki is in the database
Warning: #428912 filled against menu but su-to-root is in the database

That mean that an ITT|RFR|BTS message has been once sent for "newpki"
while the bug has been reported against "newpki-server".
You may want to correct this by sending a DONE message for newpki

Ditto for menu|su-to-root. You want to send a DONE message for "su-to-root"

Spider.pm spanish
Spider.pm Continue spanish from message 2007/6/88
Warning: #429347 filled against netmrg but netmgr is in the database

And RFR|ITT|whatever mail was sent for "netmgr" while the package is
"netmrg" and the bug was reported against it. You want to send a DONE
message for "metmgr"

Spider.pm dutch
Spider.pm Continue dutch from message 2007/6/27
Warning: #421521 filled against uw-imap but uw-imapd is in the database

Ditto. send a DONE for "uw-imapd" to correct.

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