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Re: [RFR] po-debconf://tcp-wrappers

RFC 1392                   Internet Glossary                January 1993

      While an internet is a network, the term "internet" is usually
      used to refer to a collection of networks interconnected with
      routers.  See also: network.

      (note the capital "I") The Internet is the largest internet in the
      world.  Is a three level hierarchy composed of backbone networks
      (e.g., NSFNET, MILNET), mid-level networks, and stub networks.
      The Internet is a multiprotocol internet.  See also: backbone,
      mid-level network, stub network, transit network, Internet
      Protocol, Corporation for Research and Educational Networks,
      National Science Foundation.

Sabía que lo había leído en algún sitio...

un saludo.

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