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Re: Please update debconf PO translation for the package apt

El Di, 15-02-2005 a las 07:43 +0100, bubulle@debian.org escribió:
> Hi,
> One week ago, I sent a forst call for updates for the APT packages
> translations.
> Though the current package has a complete translation for your language, the
> development version, which has a little chance to go in Debian sarge, had
> string changes, and thus your translation needs attention again, sorry for
> that.
> There are only about 20 strings to update, so that shouldn't be a huge work.
> Please consider doing it as the chance to have 0.6 in sarge seems to be
> increasing.
> The deadline for receiving the updated translation is February 19th 2005.
> Please report these strings to 294075@bugs.debian.org. Do not open a new bug
> report for it. For that, you just need to mail them to
> 294075@bugs.debian.org. No other action required.
> Translation teams, please check whether the mentioned translator is still
> active. If (s)he is not, please consider someone else to do the update. In
> such case, that person should put his/her name in the Last-Translator field
> and move the former translator name in the header comments for keeping the
> credit (s)he deserves.

Hi, Christian,

I'm still active ;) I've already sent the update for the spanish
translation to the bug number listed above. It's the fourth email in the
bug report. I think you missed that mail, but please, be a little more
precise if there is any problem with that po file.


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