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Re: Bug#251316: Debian installer install report

On 2004-05-28 Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> > Hello, I am Ramiro from Valladolid Spain
> > The only remaining problems were again that some configuration screens 
> > were more than 80 columns width: the exim package and the 
> > tasksel/dselect/apt screen.
> About the exim4 configuration screen, this is a problem we also has
> with the french translation. You need to be very careful about the
> hard-formatted lines. I suggest you use podebconf-display-po from the
> po-debconf package for checking such stuff.

> As the only remaining problem here is with the exim4 spanish
> translation, I reassign this bug to exim4 with copy to the Spanish
> team.

I've run the current es.po (from #251987) through podebconf-display-po
with readline and dialog frontend on 80x24, the only overlong line is
this one:

¿Mantener al mínimo el número de consultas de DNS (marcación bajo demanda)?

which is no prblem for dialogue, but pushes the prompt to the next
line for readline.

There a two questions where dialogue has to present long and short
description on separate screens ("Direcciones IP en las que recibir
conexiones SMTP entrantes:" and "¿Mantener al mínimo el número de
consultas de DNS (marcación bajo demanda)?") and the first screen
needs scrolling. - If you aim for perfection there is room to go, but
imho this is ok.
                cu andreas
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