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What about #166052 ?

Hello Santiago,

You blocked the advancement of the bug #166052 almost one year ago saying
that you were preparing a new version of the spanish translation for the
next week, and I cannot find any trace of this in the dpkg changelog.

I would like to know if I did oversee this translation and if the bug should
be closed, or if you plan to upload the translation some day. No offense
intended, of course. I used to be responsible of the french counterpart of
it, and was also quite long to do the stuff sometimes. I'm just curious...

Moreover, you guys seem to disagree on the translation of "corupted"
(corrompido, corrupto or dañado) and conffile (conffile or ficheros de
configuracion). I guess you guys should discuss it on the dls mailing list
put in CC...

Maybe you should leave the bug report out of the CC while discussing these
points in spanish, but please make sure to come back to the bug report (or
me) to say what you did choose, so that this issue can be solved and the bug

My spanish is very old, but you can keep me in the CC of discution. It'll be
good to train myself ;)

Thanks, Mt.

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