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Re: Changeloges.

On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 04:03:01PM +0200, David Martinez CSIC RedIRIS wrote:
> 	Sr. Villate, ¿pa cuándo los tendremos? :-)

Muy bien Sr. Ender, aquí os envio el de la última semana. Aunque no estoy muy
convencido de que enviarlo por correo a toda la lista sea la mejor solución,
pero vamos a ver que opinan los miembros de la lista...


------------------ ChangeLog (semana del 19 al 26 de abril) -----------------
2001-04-26 15:02  dmartinez

	* releases/hamm/index.wml: Let's kill this monster...updated to

2001-04-25 17:41  joey

	* doc/index.wml: Changed URL for Hardware-HOWTO from mdw personal
	pages to proper linuxdoc.org location.	I've bumped the translation
	check for all translations to 1.29 that were at 1.27 since this was
	the only change made.

2001-04-25 15:06  dmartinez

	* logos/index.wml: Clarified section about using banners, fix in
	LinuxTag name.

2001-04-25 15:00  dmartinez

	* contact.wml: Better formatting with </dt> & </dd>, -www is
	preferred to webmaster.

2001-04-25 14:50  dmartinez

	* News/weekly/contributing.wml: Joey Hess has left DWN
	(ooohhhhhhh). Great work!

2001-04-25 14:45  dmartinez

	* News/1999/19990309.wml: Slight changes, updated to 1.4.

2001-04-25 14:41  dmartinez

	* security/index.wml: Relative path to d-s-a page, and mention of

2001-04-25 14:30  dmartinez

	* News/2001/20010321.wml: Schedule in english, updated to 1.4.

2001-04-25 12:48  dmartinez

	* donations.wml: Several fixes, old updates from 1.36, better
	readability, and updated to 1.39.

2001-04-24 13:13  dmartinez

	* releases/potato/index.wml: Updated translation with 2.2r3

2001-04-24 13:07  dmartinez

	* ports/hurd/hurd-cd.wml: Better readability, s/CDes/CDs/g (many CD
	are CDs, not CDes). :-)

2001-04-24 13:00  dmartinez

	* ports/hurd/hurd-devel-tasks.wml: Original author forgot to close

2001-04-22 05:12  rcardenes

	* devel/dmup.wml: 
	First version of dmup.wml

2001-04-21 13:50  joy

	* distrib/books.wml: the <language> tag attribute _must_ be in
	english and lowercase

2001-04-19 19:07  treacy

	* security/: Makefile, 1997/Makefile, 1998/Makefile, 1999/Makefile,
	2000/Makefile, 2001/Makefile: updated Makefiles for new security

2001-04-19 18:01  treacy

	* security/: 1999/19990104.wml, 1999/19990117.wml,
	1999/19990210.wml, 1999/19990215.wml, 1999/19990215a.wml,
	1999/19990218.wml, 1999/19990220.wml, 1999/19990220a.wml,
	1999/19990331.wml, 1999/19990331a.wml, 1999/19990422.wml,
	2001/dsa-032.wml, 2001/dsa-033.wml, 2001/dsa-034.wml,
	2001/dsa-035.wml, 2001/dsa-036.wml, 2001/dsa-037.wml,
	2001/dsa-038.wml: updates for new translation style

2001-04-19 17:54  treacy

	* security/: bliss.html, doom.html, elm-me+.html, gcc.html,
	gzip.html, gzip2.html, imap4.html, inetd.html, irc.html,
	kdebase.html, land.html, libdb.html, lincity.html, lynx.html,
	mailx.html, mc.html, metamail.html, mgetty.html, minicom.html,
	modutils.html, netstd.html, nlspath.html, parsecontrol.html,
	perl.html, php.html, premail.html, procps.html, rlogin.html,
	samba.html, samba2.html, screen.html, sendmail.html,
	shadow-su.html, smail.html, sperl.html, sperl2.html, ssh.html,
	sudo.html, super.html, superprobe.html, svgalib.html, talkd.html,
	tar.html, teardrop.html, textutils.html, tftp.html, xfree.html,
	xfree1.html, xfree2.html, xfree3.html: removed very old files

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