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On 14 Mar, Lev Lamberov wrote:
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> - -#use wml::debian::template title="UK Linux Expo 2002 -- Report"
> +#use wml::debian::template title="UK Linux Expo 2002 -- Отчёт"
>  # $Id: 1009-linuxexpo-report.wml,v 1.10 2005/10/23 21:12:22 witch Exp $
> +#use wml::debian::translation-check translation="1.10" maintainer="Lev Lamberov"
> - -<h3>Debian at the UK Linux Expo in London</h3>
> +<h3>Debian на UK Linux Expo в Лондоне</h3>
> - -<p>The well-oiled Debian-uk machine rolled into action again for this year's
> - -Linux Expo in London. Phil Hands ably negotiated the .org section with the
> - -organisers and was vaguely in charge of the Debian effort too. The turnout
> - -of developers was excellent and we were the best-manned stand in the
> - -whole exhibition, as well as being probably the most-attended stand.
> - -Charles Briscoe-Smith provided and ran an on-demand CD production
> - -system for the more obscure CD sets so we could blow and print CDs for
> - -anything people needed. Wookey and his lard-powered van provided
> - -transport of machines, monitors, CDs and beer there and back. CDs/DVDs of
> - -Debian-i386 were kindly provided by John Winters of the LinuxEmporium on
> - -sale-or-return.</p>
> - -
> - -<h3>The Stand</h3>
> - -
> - -<p>The trend of recent years continued with a large Debian-arm contingent
> - -showing off interesting devices and entertaining the crowds.
> - -Debian-NetBSD and Debian-alpha were represented and the rest of the team
> - -answered questions about Debian and free-software, and sold CDs, DVDs and
> - -T-shirts. A lot of people got top-notch technical advice on a range of
> - -problems, and enjoyed the experience of no-one trying to sell them anything
> - -for a few minutes.</p>
> - -
> - -<p>To illustrate the difference between 'free as in beer' and 'free as in
> - -freedom', free beer was handed out to people whilst selling them the
> - -software. A couple of grands-worth of stuff was sold, making a profit for
> - -Debian of around 800 pounds. We even managed to sell a few sets of s390 and
> - -arm CDs as well as the more usual ones.</p>
> +<p>Отлично обкатанная машина Debian-uk снова заехала на
> +Linux Expo этого года в Лондоне. Фил Хэндс договорился с организаторами
> +по поводу зоны .org, а также, как я припоминаю, был ответственным за Debian. Собрание
> +разработчиков оказалось превосходным, на стенд был самым обеспеченным людьми
превосходным, наШ

> +на всей выставке, также он был, вероятно, и наиболее посещаемым.
> +Чарльз Бриско-Смит предоставил систему для производства компакт-дисков,
> +чтобы мы могли создавать самые необычные диски для удовлетворения
> +любой нужды пользователей. Вуки с его фургоном
> +помогали переводить машины, мониторы, компакт-диски и пиво туда и сюда. Компакт-диски и DVD
> +с Debian-i386 были сердечно предоставлены Джоном Уинтерсом из LinuxEmporium для
> +продажи с возможностью возврата.</p>
> +

> - -<li> Debian-alpha demonstrated by Andrew Cater, helping out blowing CDs
> - -<li> The Debian-arm corner:
> +<li> Debian-i386 в разных видах и на разных машинах (конечно)
> +<li> Knoppix &mdash; <q>живой</q> компакт-диск <q>Моментального Debian</q>, который упрощает пробу единственной настоящей операционной системы.
> +  Такие компакт-диски тоже продавались.
> +<li> Debian-NetBSD, работавшая на ноутбуке Мэтью Гаррета.
> +<li> Debian-alpha, которую демонстрировал Эндрю Кэйтер, помогавших записывать компакт-диски
> +<li> Уголок Debian-arm:
>    <ul>
> - -  <li> Paul Kent attempting a live Risc-PC install (with some, if not
> - -    complete, success)
> - -  <li> A host of funky arm-based devices running Debian or derivatives
> +  <li> Пол Кент пытался сделать <q>живую</q> установку на Risc-PC (с некоторым, хотя и
> +    не полным, успехом)
> +  <li> Уйма классных устройств на arm, на которых был запущен Debian, либо производные дистрибутивы
>      (Psion5mx, ipaq, LART, RiscPC).
> - -  <li> Nick Bane, demonstrating a new open-hardware ARM platform - 'Balloon'
> - -    which could speak about 8 languages using 3 different synthesisers.
> - -    This generated a lot of interest, showing what you can do with
> - -    Debian/familiar on an embedded device and got us a mention on ZDNet.
> +  <li> Ник Бэйн, который демонстрировал новую платформу ARM с открытым <q>железом</q>, Balloon,
> +    которая может говорить на 8 языках, используя 3 разных синтезатора речи.
> +    Последнее было очень интересно и показывало, что можно сделать
> +    с обычным Debian на встроенных устройствах. Нас даже упомянули на ZDNet.
>    </ul>
>  </ul>
> - -<p>Other developers who helped out were: Dave Swegen, Jonathan McDowell,
> - -Paul Hedderly, Paul Sladen, and David Pashley (being the KDE stand).</p>
> +<p>Помогали и другие разработчики: Дэйв Суэген, Джонатан Макдоуэлл,
> +Пол Хэддерли, Пол Слэдени Дэвид Пэшли (на стенде KDE).</p>
Пол Слэдени _И_ Дэвид Пэшли

> - -<h3>The Talks</h3>
> +<h3>Доклады</h3>
> - -<p>Phil Hands represented Debian in the "Great Linux Debates" both days. He
> - -gave a Sun executive a good ranting-at for describing Staroffice as 'free
> - -software', which earned him a cheer. His questioning also revealed that
> - -Gregory Blepp (SuSE VP International) didn't understand what free software was and, worryingly,
> - -seemed rather proud of the fact. Simon Tindel (the Sun Executive) bravely returned on the
> - -second day despite Sun having been awarded, by popular vote, a pair of fake
> - -breasts for 'services to Linux'.</p>
> - -
> - -<p>The IBM representative on the second day, Andy Hoiles, really showed that IBM 'get it' by
> - -being extremely positive about the scalability and general goodness of
> - -Linux, and dismissive of the "only server", "only 1 or 2 CPU", "only
> - -anything" mealy-mouthedness of the other execs (Sun and HP). When he
> - -mentioned that Red Hat and SuSE were making major strides towards
> - -ISV-friendliness by slowing their release cycles towards 18 months, Phil
> - -pointed out that Debian has never managed to put out two releases in the
> - -same 18 months, so after a brief exchange he said something like: 
> - - "Oh, OK then.  IBM says &ldquo;ISVs should target Debian&rdquo; :-)"</p>
> - -
> - -<p>Other .orgers who spoke were:  The uniquely entertaining Michael Meeks
> - -(Gnome2), the tirelessly well-informed Julian Midgely (Campaign for
> - -Digital Rights), Eddie Bleasdale (Secure Desktop Computing), Tom Weiss
> - -(Free Content Management) and the irrepressible Luke Leighton (Lessons
> - -learned from Samba) who, ignoring announcements of the end of the show,
> - -continued talking until after the security guards had started sweeping
> - -the last of the public out of the hall.</p>
> - -
> - -<h3>The Show</h3>
> - -
> - -<p>Overall the Expo was a success for Debian, getting us some exposure to the
> - -real public, and making useful profits. It's quite hard work but worth
> - -doing. However the Expo itself was a pale shadow of itself in the 'Linux
> - -boom' years with a fairly paltry showing of stands. Debian and SuSE were
> - -the only big-name distributions represented and a number of attendees
> - -reckoned there wasn't a great deal else of interest, although I thought
> - -Apple's Mac OS X desktop demos were rather snazzy, and we managed to sneak
> - -on to their wireless network too to get that all-important connection to
> - -the outside world :-)</p>
> +<p>Фил Хэндс представлял Debian в "Great Linux Debates" на протяжении обоих дней. Он
> +здорово отругал представителя Sun за то, что тот описал Staroffice как <q>свободной
> +ПО</q>, что было поддержано публикой. Кроме того, его сомнения обнаружили, что
> +Грегори Блэпп (SuSE VP International) не понимает того, что такое свободное ПО, и, что просто ужасно,
> +гордится этим. Саймон Тиндэль (представитель Sun) смело вернулся на
> +второй день, хотя Sun и получила (в соответствии с голосованием аудитории) пару бутафорных
> +сисек за их <q>службу Linux</q>.</p>

Best regards,
Andrey Skvortsov

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