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Re: Need Russian contact

Hi Jean-Philippe,

04.03.2016 23:36, MENGUAL Jean-Philippe пишет:
> Sorry for English, I don't speak Russian. But my friend speaks Russian
> and uses Debian. We're searching for someone who could give us
> information about Russian keyboard layout on Debian. It seems it's not
> the same keymaps as on a Mac OS computer, and we'd like to understand
> why. Is it a known situation?
> You can reply in Russian, Corentin will go on writing in Russian. I just
> open the contact with Russian Debian Community.

This mailing list is for translations into Russian. It is not for
providing support of any means. For getting a user support in Russian,
please contact debian-russian@lists.debian.org

Этот список рассылки предназначен для переводов на русский язык. Он не
служит для предоставления поддержки какого-либо рода. Для получения
пользовательской поддержки на русском языке, обратитесь в список
рассылки debian-russian@lists.debian.org

Lev Lamberov

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