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Re: Please update d-i manual translations for Wheezy

В Fri, 20 Jul 2012 10:43:16 +0200
Holger Wansing <linux@wansing-online.de> пишет:

> Hello all,
> [Sorry for cross list posting]
> [This mail was already sent to active / last translators for the
> d-i manual via private mail. 
> Maybe these translators need help in translating the manual. 
> So, if you have time - shout.
> Be sure to coordinate your efforts, to avoid duplicate work! ]
> in preparation of the Wheezy release it would be fine, if you could
> take some time and update the d-i manual translation for your language.
> This is probably the last chance to get an up-to-date translation on
> the CDs for Wheezy.
> Sorry, if this is a bit late for you ...

Обновил в svn. 

Best Regards,
Yuri Kozlov

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