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Update of cs.po

Dear all,

First of all, we have received your translation. Thanks a lot for taking
time to translate Debconf messages into your native language. This is
much appreciated by all the members of the Openstack packaging team.

Since we are close to a freeze, and to avoid the burden of the
bureaucracy (eg: I'd have to ask for a freeze exception), I have
uploaded today, a new version of Nova containing your Debconf translations.

The problem is that recently, we had to add some more debconf texts. I
feel sorry that we had to do this during the translation phase, and I'd
like to add a special "sorry" for our marathon man and cheese master
Christian, who was coordinating the translation effort (I quite
destroyed his work...).

These new strings have been reviewed by debian-l10n-english, and are in
the version of nova that I have uploaded to SID.

It'd be super cool to have these new texts also translated also
(currently, we don't have a single full translation).

You will be able to find the new .po files for your language, including
the new strings to be translated, in here:


For people not used to gitweb: do a right click on the "raw" link, do
"save as". Of course, you can also find your .po from the nova source
package in SID.

Note that there's not so many strings to translate, we're just asking
for an URL, a login and a password.

If I have enough translations finished, I'll upload a version next
Friday, before the freeze. Otherwise, I will wait for some more time,
and ask for a freeze exception (these are accepted for some period of
time even after the freeze, for debconf translations and documentation).

Thanks again for your translations, and hoping that you wont mind too
much that the work has been split in 2,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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