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pytrainer: Please update debconf PO translation for the package pytrainer


You are noted as the last translator for pytrainer, a sports tracking
program written in Python.

With the blessing of pytrainer authors and adding my own experience in
software localization (mostly for the Debian project), I'm conducting
a call for translation updates.

So, you receive this mail either:
- because you were the last person mentioned in "Last-Translator" in the
  PO file for your language
- you are a Debian localization team and the original translator for
  your language either mentioned (s)he doesn't want to work on further
  updates or....is unknown.
In either cases, you find the current PO file attached to this mail.
Once updated, you can either send it as a bug report in Pytrainer
Sourceforge project, or as a bug report against the Debian package (if
you're a Debian l10n team and already know how to do this)....or just
send it directly to me and I'll act as a proxy.

There is no deadline. Upstream authors intend to release Pytrainer so,
so you'd probably not wait for too long...but for some of you, this is
a kinda big update. Maybe don't wait for the file to be complete and
send partial updates along with your progress; Your call.:-)

Thanks in advance,

PS: if you don't want to work on Pytrainer localization anymore,
please tell me so that I can seek for other volunteers for your

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