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Re: Announce of the upcoming NMU for the zabbix package

Version: 1:1.8.3-3

Quoting Francisco Javier Cuadrado (fcocuadrado@gmail.com):

> > Thanks for the announce, and sorry for my mistake.
> >
> Me again.
> Christian are you sure the template which you have attached is
> updated? Because it has some references to PHP4, when the template
> which I used before said that Zabbix is using PHP5.

Eh, no, sorry. You're victim of the problem I mentioned elsewhere: for
a few packages, I worked on outdated versions.

Also, it seems that the Debian l10n radar
(http://i18n.debian.net/debian-l10n/l10n-nmu/nmu_bypackage.html) is
not updated properly...:-(...that explains why the packages spotted on
the redar whill they shouldn't have.

In the case of zabbix, that's indeed something else: what triggerred
the radar is #585485 (Danish debconf translation) being still opened
while it should have been closed with the upload of 1:1.8.3-3 on Feb
8th 2011). Closing that bug

To zabbix maintainer: I hereby cancel my NMU intent.

To Spanish and Russian teams: no need for any update for that package.

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