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Re: Completing D-I level 5 for Russian

Quoting Yuri Kozlov (kozlov.y@gmail.com):
> 2008/9/9 Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>:
> > Hi Yuri and Russian translators,
> >
> > Russian is nearly complete for all D-I "levels", except 1f1u for apt
> > and 1u for dpkg...
> >
> > Do you think that you guys could have a look at this ?
> Deadline?

It does not depend on me, but more apt and dpkg maintainers.

apt has a lot of pending translations and Otavio Salvador promised me
that he would upload it ASAP so I would say: hurry

dpkg has just been uploaded on 09/05 so there could be one last l10n
upload if there's enough material for this but, again, very hard to
promise something.

The best I can say is "do it ASAP so that you're surre it will go in
on time". Sorry for not being able to give you more.

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