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Re: debconf russian man page

2008/7/14 Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>:
> I noticed several lintian warnings with the updated Russian translations
> to debconf. (After fixing the translation to not break the build..)
> When I examine one of the Russian man pages in debconf, it doesn't look
> like correctly encoded Russian to me. Unless other Russian man pages,
> there is no Cyrillic.
> Here is a sample from debconf-get-selections.1:
> .IX Header "i^a'u'Xa'i^e'ao"
> debconf-get-selections \- XU\*`XI\*:A\*:E\*'O\*^ O\*'I\*:A\*:A\*oO\*`O\*:E\*'I\*'I\*:A\*o A\*^A\*'U\*'U\*` A\*:A\*'I\*^I\*^U\*`E\*` debconf
> When I view this is man, I get:
> iauXaieaa
>       debconf-get-selections - XUXIeAeEO OIeAeAaOOeEIIeAa AAUU AeAIIUE debconf
> This is not a new problem with the updated translation, the same is present
> in unstable too.
> The same line in the ru.po seems to be valid cyrillic:
> # type: textblock
> #: ../../debconf-get-selections:5
> msgid "debconf-get-selections - output contents of debconf database"
> msgstr "debconf-get-selections - выводит содержимое базы данных debconf"
> Could someone please help me fix the encoding in the generated man pages?
> I suspect it might be as simple as a wrong encoding specified in the po4a.cfg,
> but as I know neither po4a nor Russian, I am at a disadvantage working on this.

Yes, debconf.1 is broken (source is .pod file), but deconf.7 is not
(source is man-file).
The problem is not in the po4a, generated .pod files is OK.

debconf - запускает программу, использующую debconf


 debconf [параметры] команда [аргументы]


IMHO problem in the pod2man (or related perl-modules).

Yuri Kozlov

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