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Re: Bug#384248: installation-report: Almost successful Etch installation with di-beta3

On 8/24/06, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> I tried default installation in Russian (RF) in qemu with network off, and
> console-cyrillic was installed. There was also dialogs displayed by
> console-cyrillic after tasksel were I was able to select switch keys,
That bug is then here since....D-I beta2 IN MARCH 2006....and not a
single Russian user noticed...:-(

I find this pretty sad and this indeed shows the poor level of testing
that some language teams ad international users and developers give to
the localized installer.

Печаль, конечно.
Позор тож.
Я ведь сам тоже всегда английским инсталлятором пользуюсь.
Хоть и в language team вхож.
Не знаю, запомнил просто - "во избежание проблем выбирать всегда
английский язык установки", и всё тут.

А ведь релиз опять на носу.
Надо сызнова готовить d-i с release notes.
Где у нас свежие образа d-i выкладывают?

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