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Re: d-i pre-rc2 has support for russian installation broken

> I've got it. As far as I see that, the necessary changes for russian have
> been in both base-config and languagechooser. The changes in
> languagechooser has been half-deactivated, but not the changes in
> base-config. Therefore, the tools installation in languagechooser is
> deactivated (my change), but the language line in languagelist is
> commented out (old value is active). Therefore, stage2 tries to use
> console-cyrillic, which is not installed. 
> Can languagechooser get an urgent update to the languagelist file? 

ATM, I absolutely cannot say yes or no. We can certainly upload a new
languagechooser, but the initrd's have been built already so using it
means that we make the whole release process slip by a few days.

The decision has to be made by Joey, but he's currently sleeping, I

So, my proposal is the following:

-commit the changes you think are needed to languagechooser un trunk
-of some are needed to base-cofnig, commit them to its trunk (NOT to
the sarge branch)

TEST all that damn thing. Possibly before THIS EVENING 10/8 18:00 UTC

If this is OK and if Joey is OK, I'll upload a new languagechooser
today around 18:00UTC.

But I won't upload something which is not tested.

And, even if I upload a new languagechooser, I don't know if it's
worth delaying the whole release. OK, Russian is broken, I'm deeply
sad for this....but if I understand correctly, restarting the whole
process may mean up to one week delay. So you'll understand the
decision will be taken by considering all this.

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