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Re: Updating Debian Installer level 1 / sublevel 1 translaations

2011/9/12 Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>:
> Hi,
> Debian Installer development is currently seeing a low activity. This
> is perfect time for thinking about an update of translations.
> Yes, we are far away from the release, I know that! But experience
> shows that I never nag you enough, dear translators. I think this is
> perfect time for nagging you a little bit then. So, please save me
> from nagging you again in a near future for this translation and
> consider updating it. For most of you, this is not that a bug work..:-)
> There is no deadline set but remember that sublevel 1 completeness is
> MANDATORY for your language to remain activated in D-I. I will not
> de-activate incomplete languages now, but when the release becomes
> closer, that could happen.
> PS to old timers among you: yes, I know that some of you only send
> updates when it's release time. Feel free to ignore this
> message....but also feel free to use this opportunity for avoiding a
> future nagging message by me..:-)
> Thanks in advance,

Level 1 is complete again.

Ioan Eugen Stan

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