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Re: setting goals for a team, or how to prioritize translations

On Fri,04.Jul.08, 00:01:33, Eddy Petrișor wrote:

> OTOH, I was thinking (strictly for the debian-l10n-romanian team) to have 
> some kind of repo that would contain all the initiated translations for a 
> language. The team coordinator would be responsible to add new files to the 
> repo according to criteria that is relevant for that team's goals[1]. All 
> what the translators would have to worry about would be to keep all the 
> translations in the team repo at 100% and the goal is already set.


> I am still baking this idea, but thinking about our past experience during 
> the etch release notes marathon, and how I worked with some people using 
> such a system[2] and how productive it proved to be[3], it makes me think 
> that we would definitely have success.


In pregatire pentru un nou maraton in septembrie, ce zici de un repo pe  
alioth (unde toti membri l10n-romanian sa aiba acces "commit") in care 
sa incarci notele de lansare.

P.S. Scuze ca scriu fara diacritice... probleme tehnice.
If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
(Albert Einstein)

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