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Re: Bug#411361: [l10n:ro] debconf PO translation for the package icedove

> > If you have read so far, please find the POT file in attachement.
> We would appreciate longer deadlines to allow reviews from our team.

Let's try to negotiate this with Alexander but you already had 7

I agree that, for many other packages, I set very short
deadlines. But, please remember that all these updates happen during a
"blitz" NMU campaign which I did not initially intended to be a
regular NMU campaign, with the usual complicated process (the one I
used in October-December) which requires a lot of tracking on my side.

I made an exception for icedove because the package is widely used,
has a very high popcon rate, which justified a templates rewrite and,
therefore, much more care to get as many complete translations as possible.

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