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[l10n]pcmcia-cs - translation stats in debian installer are wrong

This is the fastest way for me to write this (sorry if anybody finds it offesive, it wasn't meant to):

[copied from #debian-boot]

(11:23:10) *eddyp:* why is ro still untranslated for pcmcia-cs? there is 281145 in the BTS which is archived, but the stats indicate that there is no translation. I have wrote to pere at some time in the past, but I received no answer
(11:23:42) *eddyp:* can anybody enlighten me?
(11:26:12) *bubulle:* eddyp: did you wrote to pere ie Petter Reinholdtsem, or "pelle" ie Per Olofsson?
(11:26:28) *bubulle:* pcmcia-cs is maintained by Per Olofsson
(11:26:48) *eddyp:* " I have wrote to pere at some time in the past, but I received no answer" - I meant pelle (11:27:19) *bubulle:* indeed he told me recently that this is of low importance as pcmcia-cs templates priority have been lowered. I decided to keep it in the stats anyway, because of the effort of translators.
(11:28:10) *bubulle:* let me check the package
(11:28:26) ****eddyp* was doing the same thing
(11:28:33) *bubulle:* it has the ro.pofile
(11:29:44) *bubulle:* Hmmm, seppy scripts check the CVS of the package.
(11:30:14) *bubulle:* So, I think that the package is OK, but Per forgot to update his CVS....or changed the location of pcmcia-cs development (11:30:47) *bubulle:* seppy: (or eddyp) could you talk with him about this? I'll be away the next 2 days. Eddy deserves his 100%!!

The mentioned stats are these: Debian-Installer translation status <http://people.debian.org/%7Eseppy/d-i/translation-status.html> , Romanian translation on level 3 <http://people.debian.org/%7Eseppy/d-i/level4/ro.txt>

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