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Update of the Debian website new homepage (publish date 17 Dec 2020)

Dear Qobi and Portuguese Language team,

(please CC me, I'm not subscribed)

In the last months you provided updates for the new homepage we were
preparing for www.debian.org, thanks!

We're about to publish it finally (17 Dec 2020, that's about tomorrow!),
and there have been some changes in some files since the last Portuguese

Please see this mail for details:


If you can provide updates to the Portuguese translations of the
affected files, it's very appreciated!

I know this is short notice; so my proposal to update Portuguese is this

## If you can work on this before 17 Dec 2020 around 9:00UTC
1.- in your clone of the webwml repo,
git checkout new-homepage
git pull
2.- sync the Portuguese files with English, in this order: index.wml,
intro/index.wml, po/homepage.pt.po, the rest (if you have time)
3.- commit and push the updated files to the new-homepage branch

## From 17 Dec 9:00 UTC on
I expect to merge the branch new-homepage into master, so you can
translate, commit and push directly into master. We'll build and publish
the updates as soon as possible.

Please coordinate translations/reviews with the language team so nobody
does double work.

For any technical issue or doubt, or any help that I can provide, feel
free to contact the web team in #debian-www IRC or the mailing list, or
contact me directly if you prefer. I'd really love that we publish the
new homepage with Portuguese updated!

Laura Arjona Reina

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