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[ITT] classified-ads v0.12

Pretendo realizar a tradução deste arquivo.

Em 23-03-2017 16:52, Antti J ä rvinen escreveu:
> Dear Debian I18N people,
> release of new version of classified-ads is approaching and the new
> version adds 27 new strings in need of translation to .pot file. 
> Classified-ads is a P2P app for discussion forums, messaging, voip 
> and search. Upcoming v0.12 adds possibility to extend functionality 
> with user-supplied TCL programs and a distributed general-purpose 
> database that is shared among operators. 
> Currently fi.po and sv.po are complete, all other translations are
> more-or-less incomplete. 
> Strings to translate can be found at zanata from URL
> https://fedora.zanata.org/iteration/view/classified-ads/0.12?dswid=6461
> or in attached .pot file. Zanata shows what strings are already
> translated, if you're planning to contribute to partly-translated
> language. 
> Timeframe of actual release (hopefully containing some translated
> strings) is maybe ~one month as the database part is still in testing 
> and needs work.  If you need .po -files of individual languages or
> have any other questions, please take contact. 
> --
> Antti Järvinen, doing the testing

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