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Press Release winconsortium.org

Worldwide Innovative Networking
in personalized cancer medicine
WIN Consortium
invites you to the 3rd WIN Symposium • 6th-8th July, 2011 • Palais des Congrès de Paris [France]
The 3rd WIN Symposium, E.O.R.T.C. endorsed, brings worldwide pharma, biotech, and academics together to address
the rapidly advancing field of personalized cancer medicine. WIN announces a unique scientific program

The WIN Symposium will inaugurate an unprecedented format, where pharma, biotech, academia and patient organizations
will be giving their views on how to address the challenges of efficacy of cancer diagnostics and therapeutics in the era
of personalized healthcare, to the benefit of the patient.
“We aim to create a forum for open discussion in which the expertise and input from all stakeholders in targeted
cancer drug development are crucial” said Dr. John Mendelsohn, Chairman of the WIN Consortium and President of the University
of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
Outstanding speakers will be leading this unique event:
pharma and biotech
Mike Burgess, Robert Wasserman and Peter-Ulrich Rohr (Roche), Gary Gilliland (Merck and Co), Nick Botwood (AstraZeneca), Shannon Morris (GlaxoSmithKline),
Samit Hirawat (Novartis), Antonella Isacchi and Arturo Galvani (Nerviano Medical Sciences), Paul Billings and Martin Naley (Life Technologies),
Leo Bonilla (Agilent Technologies) and Ian Wilson (GE Healthcare).

academia and patient organizations
John Mendelsohn, Razelle Kurzrock and Donald Berry (UT-MD Anderson Cancer Center), Samir Hanash (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center), Leroy Hood (Institut
for Systems Biology Seattle), David Sidransky (Johns Hopkins University), Stephen Friend (Sage Bionetworks), Keneth Anderson (Dana Farber Cancer Institute),
Alexander Eggermont and Jean-Charles Soria (Institut Gustave Roussy), Janelle Hail (National Breast Cancer Foundation), Julio E. Celis (Danish Cancer Society),
Denis Lacombe (EORTC), Robert Kerbel (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center), Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet (Institut Curie) and many others.
Topics addressed:
• Evidence for efficacy of targeted therapeutics • Improving the efficacy of biomarker-driven clinical trials • Combinations of targeted drugs
• Discovering and validating new targets and predictive biomarkers • Advances in technology, bioinformatics and systems biology
• Strategic alliances to fight cancer
“A synthesis of the symposium, will be presented by Dr. Richard L. Schilsky, Chairman of the WIN Scientific Advisory Board,
aiming to present concrete perspectives to improve clinical outcomes and the quality of life for cancer patients worldwide”
says Vladimir Lazar, WIN Chief Operating Officer

Vladimir Lazar, Chief Operating Officer: vladimir.lazar@igr.fr
Tel: +33 142 11 40 20
Catherine Bresson, Director of Operational Team: catherine.bresson@winconsortium.org

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