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Re: icinga 1.0.1-3: Please update debconf PO translation for the package icinga

Quoting Dennis Fernandes Vieira (dfvieira@msn.com):
> Hello christian,
> i'm finishing your translation doubt,  in the line phrase "Password input error" is it wrong to say that the password is incorrect or it's another type of error ? 

As the long part of this template says (this is the string that
follows in the PO file), this tempalte is shown when the user entered
different strings at the password prompt and the password confirmation

In Debian Installer, the very same string has been translated to:

msgid "Password input error"
msgstr "Erro na informação da senha"

#. Type: error
#. Description
#. :sl2:
#: ../user-setup-udeb.templates:15001 ../grub-installer.templates:10001
msgid "The two passwords you entered were not the same. Please try again."
msgstr ""
"As duas senhas que você informou não foram as mesmas. Por favor, tente "

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